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Pure South.  It's more than a slogan, it's an attitude.

Cedric & Mildred Knott

Cedric & Mildred Knott

In 1947, in a small house on Curtis Street in Paris, Tennessee, a great idea was born. Cedric and Mildred Knott saw the opportunity to use Mildred’s personal recipes for salad spreads for making sandwiches, and deliver them to local businesses.  Pimiento cheese, chicken salad, ham salad, and tuna salad – Mildred could make it all. It was at that time that Knott's Foods began a commitment to quality and customer service that has lasted for more than 65 years.

Their workday started around 2:30 a.m., with Cedric and Mildred making the products fresh each day.  Cedric would then load the product into his vehicle, and deliver the sandwiches to stores who would display the products on their sales counter as daily fresh items..

Cedric in his Kitchen in 1950

Cedric in his Kitchen in 1950

They could not have imagined in 1947 how their little business would expand into 18 states and grace the shelves of prominent stores throughout the southeast.  You can purchase Knott's products in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Three Generations Strong...

Over the last six and a half decades, Knott's Fine Foods has evolved into a full-scale production facility and distribution center.  All the original products that were produced in Cedric and Mildred Knott’s kitchen are still made in Paris, Tennessee less than a mile from their original home on Curtis Street.   Over several years, the company and its territories have expanded. However, we remain a family owned and run business with the third generation of the Knott’s family at the helm.

The outstanding quality of our products and our focus on customer service is what fuels our continued growth.  Consistency is important to keep customers assured that our products will be the best they've ever tasted - 100% of the time.  Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing them with the best product on the market.

Knowing the name Knott's means expecting the best!



For many of us here, Knott’s is a home away from home. If that’s the case, then meet our family away from family. Our dedicated staff members do everything in their power to bring you the same homestyle quality you’ve come to expect at prices you can afford.


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our products


We here at Knott’s believe anything worth doing is worth doing well.  That’s why we carry a full line of products that are made with care and only the highest quality ingredients.  You can find our fine products in a grocery store near you.



Salads and Spreads

Our pride and joy are our Salads and Spreads.  We carry several different pimiento spreads, cole slaws, and potato salads as well as macaroni, chicken, tuna, and ham salads.

Pickled Products

People around here say, “If you haven’t tried Knott’s Big Dogs, you haven’t lived”.  I don’t know about that, but they are worth a try.  Our signature Pickled Bologna comes in 8, 16, and 40 oz. sizes.  We also carry Pickled Eggs in 9, 16 and 40 oz. sizes.

Pork Rinds and Cracklin’s

You’ll love all of our great Pork Products.  We carry our own line of Pork Rinds and Cracklin’s.  Flavors include Original, BBQ, Hot and Spicy, and Salt and Pepper.  No matter what your taste, we’ve got a flavor to suit you.

That’s a pretty basic look at what we have to offer.  If you want to ask a question or two, are interested in becoming a regular Knott’s customer or are interested in distributor opportunities in your area contact us by clicking here.

Can't find it?

If your favorite grocer doesn't stock some or any of our delicious Knott's products, we can take the awkwardness out of requesting them.  Just print out our handy item request sheet and hand it to your store manager.  You don't have to say a word!  Just click the button.  It's that easy!